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Archangel Zadkiel Transformation

We the Angels have spoken of the “Cosmic Winds of Change,” that have been blowing through your world. Our beloved Archangel Michael speaks of faith and not fear which also means that you must trust and that love prevails. Now you take the leap to make the transition to the new you.

Breathe love in and through. Love is the great transformer and transmutation is involved when replacing old patterns with new.  Over and over you are reminded of the morphing of the caterpillar into a butterfly as all its organs and parts turn to goo.  Are you feeling like goo? You are in the void between the old and the new.

You ask, “What kind of butterfly will I be?” We say to you that metamorphosis is occurring, and you are is still in the unknown. Trust the process.

New Age New Beginnings

It is a new age and new beginnings but first is the falling away of the dead leaves and the dormancy of the seeds that are hidden beneath the rubble of what was. You are in the great unknown between endings and beginnings.

This part of the process looks like devastation to many and it does not fit with their plans of constantly accumulating more and more at the expense of the earth.

There must be the replenishing and nourishing of all for the new birth, innovation and invention that is coming.

Life is Like a Garden

Some growth, like plants and plans in the design matrix are a slower frequencies of consciousness that just do not fit. The design and beauty of the new garden transcends the patterns and the old designs. There are seasons and winter must come in order to have the new growth in spring.

Do not be sad about this my child. All is well and great dreams are coming toward you.

This is not to say that you cannot mourn for the things of the past. You must honor all that they became and all that they stood for and the love that you felt.

But the time comes to plow under that garden and plant the new one. If you are experiencing such a time of great change, then this message is for you.

Change is Also Beautiful

Some of the choices in the newness coming in now will not be the same ones you had last year or the years before that. We once gave a transmission several years ago that said, “Clear the Decks for a New Life,” meaning that the waves were coming to wash away the old and there would be a starting over.

Take stock of what is true right now from a new perspective. Release the old perspective of what you thought you wanted and of what you believed you would build. Be open and trusting; and also patient and compassionate with yourself.

You might ask if there is something even bigger and better that you might desire and that you could now create.

It is like building sand castles. The waves come in and out and in doing so the beautiful castle your built is washed away. As the tides move, you now have an opportunity to build bigger and better. Consider that there is a bigger and better design for you now. Take time to envision what that might be.

The whispers on the wind have alerted you. You feel that you have no idea what the future will bring. This place of not knowing is just what is meant to be. You have thought you would imagine yourself into a new world.

Now you begin to understand that you will actually have to feel yourself there with heart felt yearning of whatever is actually bigger and better for you.

Believe in the Magic

Perhaps you believe that you do not have the faculties to feel yourself through the maze of changes but you do. We are here to assure you that you do make it through to a grand future. We of the angelic are already celebrating the great victories that you have yet to manifest and materialize.

While you may wish that all this would magically appear without your creation of it. We also promise you that what you really want is to participate in the grand design that is beyond your wildest dreams. Open your heart to this.

You are afraid to let go of plans that are not working out. It is understandable and you might feel that you did something wrong—but that is not the case. Nothing is wrong. In fact, things are moving forward for the awakening of gifts that you did not know you possessed.

This will look different for everyone and you cannot judge yourself or another but only love yourselves through these changes. Do the best you can with each day and as you lay yourself down at night soothed with the knowing that you indeed did your best with what life handed you for that day. This is the truth!


Archangel Zadkiel’s Blessing

“I AM Zadkiel the Archangel of transformation. All the world is being transformed. You are the light bringer on the leading edge of that change and stand at the nexus of the most exciting part of earths evolution.

You have likened it to a scary rollercoaster ride—but it is a ride that you designed for the greatest advancement and adventure ever.

The violet fire of transmutation and transcendence is powerful and is also healing. I come to bring in transformations of great blessings and promise. It is the promise of unfathomable beauty and overwhelming love that will remain when the fire has consumed you.

Change is the order of the day and of these transition years into the new age. You are up to the challenges that face you and you will prevail. You will prevail!

You are the hope and the catalyst of the fire of transcendence. Just stand in that knowing. Breathe and pray. You will be delivered to the other side of breakdown which is the breakthrough.

It is promised. It is your destiny.”

And so it is,

Archangel Zadkiel

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  1. Lorrie on February 28, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    Yes it is scary and exciting to be at this point. The old story can fall away if we choose a higher vibration and love of self. A new soul contract and perspective is in the making. I embrace the change with faith and call to the angels to be with me!


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