Archangel Michael — Why Life Isn’t Easier

Archangel Michael — Why Life Isn’t Easier

Talking with Angels is a wonder-full experience! I am in awe that they remain so close to us here on earth and are always available to help us.

And  yet, even with that contact, some days of earth life are so hard! I must have had this on my heart when I sat down to take a message from them this morning, because here is what they said.

Archangel Michael himself came in at the end to encourage me to ask for help more often.

Angel-Oracle message 04-27-19

Necessity is the mother of invention. It is a cliché true—but humanity is, as we have said, basically lazy. (I am hearing laughter) We do not mean this as judgement of course—but the fact remains that if there is great desire, focus, and intention, answers will come to you.

You think you want life to be easy and yet, the kind of life you create has many challenges. You want to blame someone or something for that—but the fact remains that you are the creator.

You want growth. You wanted to overcome and feel the victory—the hero’s journey. Is this not true? And the Universe answers you.

Humanity is always at it’s best when there is stress. You feel most alive when there is friction for presence to use as polish for its creation.

Perhaps you can now choose to create the friction internally, so the outer world has more flow and more fun. What about consciously creating that? It is always your free will choice.

How long does it take for you to step into your power and accept your Divine birthright as the creator of your world? As long as you choose to deny yourself and find value in victim-hood, that is how long. But because you are now reading this, you will say, declare, “No longer!” For clearly there is a more balanced choice.

Heaven will support you each day no matter what—but if you choose to ask for assistance to make new and different choices, we are here for you, at your command.

I, Archangel Michael, stand with you to focus the power of light. I stand behind and beside looking over your shoulder at every turn. You can feel my presence in your awareness.

Remember to ask. This is all that is required. You are infinity worthy and loved beyond measure.

And so, it is…

Lindsay: “Can you speak about whether my message is needed? “

All messages are needed, if indeed there are infinite possibilities and God is infinite—all options and vibrations must be part of the whole.

You want what you do to be worthwhile on many levels and this IS possible and desirable for the benefit of all of creation too. You are always doing and being worthwhile even when you do not know how. Trust this truth.

Your reality is but a reflection of yourself. You can concentrate on those reflections that mirror love, appreciation, and happiness to you. By Law of Attraction you do get more of what you focus upon.

Feel into the feelings and experiences that you love and anchor that in your reality. The world—your world—will be transformed by your intention.

IT IS YOUR WORLD! Take possession of it and of your self in the 3-D world.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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