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Archangel Jeremiel – Renewal, Regeneration, and Rebirth

The consciousness of the world is moving in a new direction. The idea of a “new normal,” with the energy of cooperation, community, and unity is blooming this year.

This feels like an eruption in the soil of the world as the new sprouts break free from a long winter; a dark time that feels like death but is germinating as rebirth.

The fear of this change has been rampant and is having a different effect on everyone and everything. This eruption of the ground beneath you feels like earthquakes even though the physical earth is not heaving. You sometimes feel disoriented and upset while trying to get your footing again.

It is uncertain how this newness will look because it is an energy and a cycle that has not been for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. In some ways, what is now unfolding has never been before. You certainly have discovered a whole new you that wants to emerge into the sun of being.

In the discoveries of each day and with each step you will find your footing. Doubt it not, for you have started again and again in this life and many other lifetimes to get to this point. You have a long history of evolution and growth to build upon.

Your mind wants to know the answers to when, how, why and what; but those answers are still unfolding—still in alchemy, as they say. It is the unfolding with each new twist and turn that the sprout makes way. It is the journey that creation works its way through the stages of transmutation that gel into the material universe.

You call to me Jeremiel, as the force-field energy of renewal, to support starting again, trying again, and gaining mastery.

I AM the Archangel Jeremiel, the strength of the journey and the adventure of the eternal beginning.  I AM here with you and assure you that everything is moving forward in perfect timing according to the great awakening. What is forming is the vortex of ascensions coil that springs forward.

You will find your piece in the puzzle of this unfolding. Keep asking, calling, and being in tune with the energy that is flowing in from the Cosmos and from all the beings of light that are here to assist.

You have our full attention and there is nothing more important that this renewal, resurrection and revitalization of greatness that is arising.

You can feel this energy rising within you so drape your light body upon it and rise.

You are the phoenix bird that rises from the ashes, you are the transformation of the darkness, you are the lightning rod that connects Heaven and Earth. All these names and ideas ARE you.

I AM the bringer of mercy and grace.

Stand in your power and claim your victory now. Raise your arms to receive the light as it cascades down upon you and rises up within you to circle and rise again.

You are the light of the world. Proclaim these words, “I AM the bringer of mercy and grace.”

We of the angelic realm do stand with you and as you. Feel it, see it, and know it with the inner awareness and gifts of the spirit—even the Holy Spirit that is the white mist that forms as the energy of creation as it coalesces into form.

Alleluia and hosanna—joy and jubilation—the light descends upon you.

Let it BE YOU!

And so it is,



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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