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Archangel Gabriel on Superpowers

I AM come to you this day to bring you more clarity to your visions of future oneness, joy, and purpose.

You know that it is a journey of following your heart. But now you want more clarity as the heart has many wishes, dreams, and longings. Prime among them the desire to feel whole.

The desire to be in a state of unity with the consciousness of Oneness is a yearning once tasted cannot be forgotten or denied.

This is a feeling that is called love. “Bring on the love,” says every cell of your body—for love is the healer.

Love is the force of life and of the very movement of the spheres of the cosmos. Love is the glue and the power.

So much is called in by the name of Love.

Love is Overworked

The idea of love has been overworked and polluted with the desires of the materialistic world in which you now find yourself embodied.

When one thinks of love it is usually in a romantic and sexual context that is popular in the pleasure culture. We would shift your focus and attention.

We would bring you clarity and expand your perspective to the powerful, majestic, purity of the divine unconditional love that the soul yearns deeply for.

In the seasons ahead you will be asked to bring more love. You are asked to expand your version of love and find love where you did not imagine in your wildest dreams that love would exist.

You will develop the ability to regulate and expand the love in your energy field by using the heart technology built within your physical form.

Technology of Love

There is a technology of your body, mind, spirit complex that has remained a mystery to all but the most devout and devoted of you.

You will begin to tap into the mystery and magic of love. You will discover the links between the love frequencies and manifestation. You will even find a way to bring love to the density of the darkness that is only misunderstanding and misperception.

This all sounds fantastical to you. Yet you find excitement in the stories of superpowers and superhuman abilities. This is the dawning of the opening of the amazing abilities of the human genome that are coming online.

Among the abilities that you represent are the communications with the angelic and with guides of all kinds that will instruct you in your own technology of being divinely human.

These are bold statements we know. It will take you a minute or many to process this new information.

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Archangel Gabriel Announces a New You

I AM Gabriel and I am here to pronounce the coming of new consciousness.

I am here to announce the birth of the New Earth, new cycles, new ideas and a new you.

Whether you can accept this or not, just begin to imagine what it might look like if what I AM saying to you is the truth of things.

Claim the powers that you do have.

Own the magic in your life—that magic is all around you when you look.

Be grateful for the intercession of Angels in your life.

Let there be the “faith of the mustard seed” as in story that is told in the biblical record of Jesus. Let this faith move the “mountains of stone” around the hardness of heart that wants to claim the world stage.

We bring you the love necessary to open your heart to even more lofty and elevated possibilities.

The mind of God Source includes infinite possibilities, and you have the creative force to choose what you believe and thus what is true for you.

Choose love in all situations and see what magic occurs.

There is a higher love and a higher power at work in your life.

Let it!

So it is!

The Angels

In the Bible verse Matthew 17:20 there is an account, a story, that was told–that if you have faith as large as a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. This was to demonstrate the power of belief in connection with the power we hold as co-creators with God.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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