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Anger – Stepping Stone to Awakening

As the energies of awakening consciousness continue to roll in, sometimes overlapping in waves, the emotional energies that are flushed out are hard to bear.Anger energy came up for me this week. Red hot anger.

I didn’t know what to do with it. It isn’t an emotion that I have allowed.

When we are well into the awakening process, we wonder why are we experiencing the depths of negative emotions we thought we had moved past? Why is it so hard and painful to awaken?

As we move into quantum energy, are being asked to find NEW ways of thinking and being. We cannot carry denser energies trapped in our energetic bodies into the higher and faster moving energies of the ascension.

This transformation of energy is part of our evolutionary journey right now.

What I found was that the emotional density was transformed as I stayed present with it. Breathing into it and feeling the feeling is required, even some tears. As this occurs, it takes attention and intention to keep emotional stability.

I have often heard and then repeatedly told my clients to “feel their feelings.” But what does it really mean to feel these emotions? It means bringing your attention to the physical sensual experience of them as they show up in your life right now.

It means becoming totally present in the NOW. No defection, no denial, no excuses, no hanging onto any story about them. Just have the experience.

  • Notice any heat in your body. Is there pressure?
  • Is there a tightness or contraction?
  • Where, specifically, do you feel it?

This is how we bring consciousness to the immediacy of our experiences. Turn the mind to search out these answers. It will keep it off the distraction of the story.

The energies used in awakening contain all the various frequencies and emotional “colors” that run through our electro-magnetic system. These will come into alignment within as we hold the energy. We can then express as the rainbow of light being that we truly are.

When we have been diligent with our practices of slowing the mind and noticing the energy that moves within, we can consciously disengage from expressing anger and instead experience the ENERGY of anger. Something more potent begins to happen—something that we call transformation.

It allows us to disengage from the justifications and thoughts that have been the habitual unconscious reactions, attention can be focused on the visceral experience of the so called “negative energy” itself.

You could say this is a type of digestion and assimilation that take place, where the energy transforms into nourishment for our being.

In working through this anger experience, I learned that something alchemical occurs at this point. Experiencing it fully allows us to go even deeper than ever before. This happens whenever we truly feel the emotions that we may have been suppressing for a VERY long time.

So, don’t be discouraged when these strong emotions arise. You have not fallen from grace or fallen down the spiritual circular stairway that you have been climbing.With conscious awareness, you will learn to refrain from expressing anger and instead fully experience it—transforming the energy of anger. If not, then you may be wondering why the life force necessary to continue to deepen your awakening is not available.

A critical stepping stone to awakening is stopping the habitual mode of expressing and justifying, or internalizing and suppressing anger. This applies to other feelings such as shame, grief, or fear whenever they arise.

Instead, choose to own this energy–reclaim it, and re-purpose it to be the rocket fuel it really is. This is essential if we are to wake up to fully experience the larger Consciousness that calls to us.

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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