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Angels Predict Joyful Deliverance

It is a thrill whenever you connect with the angelic realm. We bid you a good day!

What is on the horizon for you and for all mankind is monumental, and we wish to shout it from the rooftops! It is hard to contain the enthusiasm from the other side of the veil, where we stand—the place that you think of as heaven.

We understand that life seems difficult from where you are standing but we wish to share with you another point of view. From a higher vantage point, you can be sure that the amazing events of a better, new way of being, is already set to unfurl in the near future.

Do not be alarmed by what will transpire to get you to that point of victory that we see so clearly. If you feel that there is much that you will have to “suffer through” to arrive at your desired destination, know that it is possible to arrive with ease and grace through times of chaos.

These events that occur are not unjust nor are they the result of judgement or punishment from higher powers (ie, God). The times of your life are part of a Divine Plan that you choreographed for your time as a physical being. This life story is why you came and what you are about doing in this lifetime.

Practical Advice from the Angels

Just do the best you can with what shows up for you to do each day. Release the emotional attachment to daily thoughts and emotion. Do not hold onto any of it. Changes are happening so fast that holding onto anything, whether positive or negative, causes a lot of stress.

This stress is a drag—a weight, that is created by the friction of your holding on. Stress is not a “bad thing” but it can be painful to dig your heals in when change is assured. Do your best to release the shadows of stress from your energetic frequencies.

Some ways to release old energy from your body:

  • Taking salt baths and drinking lots of water—the purest and best quality that you can find. This is very helpful. You may also release old patterns with salty tears.
  • Eating organic foods, clean foods, free from chemicals and preservatives also helps during the changes your body is processing.
  • Using sound to cleanse your field. Singing, toning, mantras, prayers, and tuning forks, including crystal bowls and gongs are all very helpful.
  • Movement of all kinds—walking, yoga, tai chi, and other modalities of body movement make a big difference in your ability to process and embody the changes. Embodiment must happen to move you and humanity to the next level of consciousness.

You will save yourself a lot of discomfort if you will but do the things you already know and then add other practices to your daily routine. We ask you to consciously and consistently do this as the energy accelerates in the Earth and through your physical body upleveling your DNA.

As we have said many times, you are a lightning rod of Divine energy that flows into and through you for the betterment of all. The more that you do to assist your body the better off you will be and the better you will navigate your life path. You cannot do it wrong.

We are so excited and thrilled at the progress that all are making for the awakening of consciousness on the planet. It is the ushering in of the New Age of cooperation, unity, and innovation (Age of Aquarius) that is necessary and wonderful.

It is a great time to be alive on Earth/Gaia as everything is ascending to a new level of consciousness.

Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, and Zadkiel Boost Your Light Energy

At this time, we will give you a blessing and a boost of energy frequency that you desire from your Angels and Guides, your support team.

We wish to remove a level of density that is ready to be lifted from you. It has been a burden on your heart to have so much judgement about yourself and others.

You have much consternation about doing the “right thing.” There has been a heavy overlay of rules, dogma, and control that has been laid upon you through generations that is lifted from you.

The Archangels who assist in this effort today are Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, and the Goddess of Mercy Kwan Yin too.

We are here! We stand with you in this energy field that is created by the love in your heart for the Earth, for all things beautiful, just, and holy.  We honor all that you have done, all that you wish to accomplish, and all that you stand for in this time/space.

Release the judgements that you hold for yourself and for others as a weight of “should and should not,” rules and regulations. that dim your light. Release whatever is oppressive to be replaced by the energy of joy, happiness, and passion in your life experience.

No matter what is happening in the world around you, let there be light within! Let there be a lightness in your step and a song in your heart!

We sing deliverance from density that burdens you. We transmute it into the love, joy, and happiness that you seek. Let it be done for you this day.

By the vortex of light that we are, you are sealed in the glory, majesty, and grace of Unconditional Divine Love. You are held in this new light as you allow and accept it now.

And so it is.

The Angels

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  1. Lorrie on June 19, 2023 at 4:27 pm

    Wow. It is indeed a great time to be alive! Let there be light and the release of density.


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