angels of love

Angels of Love

The angelic host do wish to help you in daily life. We hold for you the higher truth that all is love—no matter what the distortions of life may look like to you.

You have heard it all before and yet you forget and come again to be reminded, and to remember the Great Love—also called the I AM.

It is always that union with the highest version of love that you seek. You seek the “love of your life,” that other part of yourself that you believe will complete you. Many call this a twin flame romance. We say, love who you are.

The great Love of the Creator you call God, is what you truly seek. No person, place, or thing in this earthly life can fill that void.

How to Find Love

So let us talk of the things that will fill that void within you.

You are able, and it is your responsibility, to generate the love within yourself and project it out into the world of form. It is when you do this that the love is then reflected to you. First, be the love within and then it is returned to you in greater measure.

Mankind wants to have the love of men and nations to fill himself up. This is not even possible. It is against the physical Laws of the Universe where you are already one with the Creator. You must wake up to this truth and knowing.

Be a Generator of Love

Be the generator of the love and the light. You ask how, and it is so simple. You are already that Love and that Light you have only forgotten.

To begin, connect with the love that you feel within by remembering times in your life when your heart was expanded. Feel the love for your family or your pet. You can remember the thrill of nature and the expansion you feel at sunrise and sunset and feel that feeling again.

Watch movies that touch your heart. Listen to songs of love—that you love. No matter what genre of music you find uplifting use it to motivate you. Sing and dance—put your body into the positions of happiness and love. Whether the song or dance be a lullaby or a “waltz of the flowers,” you know what we mean.

Delight in the love you see between other people. Give and receive smiles and hugs. Exchange compliments. This is the joy of holidays and celebrations and why you come together. This energy of love is why you seek the company of others.

Generate the celebration and the “hosanna” with other people. There is a geometric expansion and exponential benefit to exchanging loving words and actions.

Becoming Self Sovereign

There is much talk about becoming self-sovereign and self-actualized is also a buzzword of the spiritual movement. No matter what you choose to call the energy, use it to get you to your awakening in consciousness.

There is an evergreen energy of springtime growth and expansion that comes after the cold and dormancy of winter seasons. We speak metaphorically to illustrate a point. Things come and go.

The cycles turn and you as the creator and generator of your own life experience oversee the exercise of renewing yourself. Nothing is stagnate and all is change, expanding and growing.

How will you expand the love of your heart? Why, you simply choose to do loving things, feel loving feelings, and think loving thoughts.

Reverse the momentum of those things that are a negative spin. Do what makes you happy and seek loving and uplifting things, people, and places to remind you of how love looks and feels.

Practice that feeling in your meditation practice and daily life while you do the dishes and sweep the floor.

Praying over your food to infuse it with love. The blessing of the food is a time-honored practice for many cultures for a reason. Do you do that?

It is a mistake to spend your earth time and life waiting for love to find you. Find love where you are. Generate and send the love into the Universe.

Angels of Love Surround You

That said, we are connected to you and bring you more love.

The Angels of Love are prolific in surrounding you and holding you up in times of sorrow. We also bring the energies of charity and of compassion. There are many forms of love.

Breathe it in now with a deep breath of life in your solar plexus. Love and life are infused in the breath as you breathe in purposely and with intension to receive the love that we offer you.

Receive the knowledge that love is who you are. (Play the song titled “Love is Who You Are,” or another melody that comes to mind.) Accept the waves of sound frequency of love that we are emitting even though you are not yet attuned to it.

Breathe with a heart centered breath into your own glowing heart of eternal loving presence. Breathe out unto all the world that will reverberate the vibrations to all. Do this breath three times now and throughout the day.

Practice a ritual of love at every opportunity.

As people take up the mission of love around the world, the Earth will be transformed. As Earth also called Gaia is transformed to her ascended states, you will also rise in love and grace.

We rise together!

And so it is,

The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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