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Angels of Light Advise Daily Change

The Angels of Light have much to say as the darkness is revealed. There is a backup of the information that is waiting to be received by you—by humanity.

So, we give you a daily process.

There is a “waiting in the wings,” so to speak of what is next. There is a bottleneck that may turn into a flood of information.

Everything is energy and everything is information, so you do not know what to expect until you are ready to receive the energy.

This energy frequency information brings with it changes that the human isn’t ready for yet. But If you each let in the daily dose it carries what you CAN integrate.

Let down the resistance daily. Each day changes incrementally in subtle ways and in small things where you can adjust and go with the flow.

In this daily assimilation you will do much to help the blockages and the backup of all that is yet to be revealed.

Many Levels of Consciousness

Much will be revealed about the unseen world AND about the physical world that you have turned a blind eye to because of the intensity.

It is a multidimensional version of your reality that is now coming upon the earth.

There is nothing to fear in this—but yes—there is more change and you must do what you can to be ready of more change. It has been a trying time in the resent past to try to make sense out of the  Shift of the Ages; for nothing is the same and this is very upsetting and unsettling.

Humanity does not like change. Humanity as a rule, wants to keep the status-quo and this is not possible.

Life is ever changing growing or decaying depending on the cycles. There is expansion and contraction and there is also the spiral of Consciousness that is a ladder that you are ascending. There is always movement.

Ground the Energy Daily

The information most relevant to you today is that you must ground the energy that flows through you this day. Only this now moment is your point of power and focus.

There is no use going to the past or to the future in your mind. You must stay present and make each choice in front of you with the most love possible.

Your experience of love is also bound to change because what “has been” is so limiting and you are moving into the limitless.

Clear the space within and without. Clean and polish. This is on all levels of your being and will cycle into the physical manifestation. You are feeling the push to “clear the decks.” 

We have spoken of this before.


Unsettling Change is Eminent 

Clear the Decks for a New Life 

When Is the End?

You look at the turmoil around you and ask, “When will it end?” Or even, “Will it ever end?” and you know very well that there is no ending—no beginning and no ending to change. Change is the only constant.

Humanity is uncomfortable with changing. The unknown is not where you want to be because the mind reverts to the protective personality, the ego, whose job it is to keep you safe. Your subconscious override is safety.

You just did not figure out or comprehend what huge changes were about to appear on your horizon years ago. There are several more years of tremendous changes and this looks like chaos to you.

God works miracles in the chaos.

Angel Blessing of Support

We say again, you are supported and loved beyond measure.

YOU CAN AND WILL make the changes that are before you. All is well.

Place one foot in front of the other. Do this with joy and a song in your heart.

This is what you came here to do and thus it is a joyful time for your soul—for who you truly are.

You are greater than you know.

Breathe into this and walk into it daily. It is only a daily process.

Take the next step. We are with you. You are not alone.

And so it is.

The Angels


  1. Tamera Bourne on October 1, 2021 at 10:14 am

    So beautiful and accurate. I feel it.

    • Lindsay Godfree on October 11, 2021 at 9:37 am

      Thank you for reading and for your response. More than that, thank you for your resonance and presence on the planet at this time. Life is a daily work in progress and no matter how it unfolds, there is progress made for all of mankind and the Universe. Every day is a gift–as are you!


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