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Angels of Hope

All of heaven is cheering you on with your quest for creative self-expression. Know that there is no one like you in all the universe. You are loved and needed to be uniquely you.

The human tendency to rank, compare, judge and compete does not serve to build up the individual. We wish to give all the appreciation that is so well deserved by each and every soul. We are here to assure you that you are highly valued and loved.

Whether or not you have ever received the love that you crave in the world of form, it is still your finest victory.

It is your mission and purpose to bring more love and kindness where you are.

Find the Love Where You Are

Even if your love is not reciprocated by those closest to you, there is love in many forms. Do not give up looking, for as you seek, you shall find.

For what you “sew you shall reap” and what “goes around comes around.” While these statements are cliché the truth is, what you put out into the world is reflected back to you.  So continue to be the love that you are.

Much is being accomplished in the world. There is simultaneously the breaking down of systems in order to build new social structures; and the building up of more efficient ways of doing things. This looks like chaos because so many ways of doing things change.

Humans are very resilient beings and will adjust, Know that you will learn to survive and thrive. The Earth will be renewed in amazing ways and the platform of evolution will continue.

What comfort we bring in this hour is not to lull you to sleep with platitudes. We are here to assure you that you are on a magnificent journey and what you do is serving the whole of creation.

Find Joy and Play

You will serve better if you can find more joy and fun. Play more and enjoy the scenery. You try too hard to make yourself worthwhile when all you need to do is to be.

Just BE and be happy any way that you can. Do not judge the way that others find to be happy or to find meaning in their own lives. This is not a contest! This is an eternal artistic painting of light, color, and movement.

Life is a tapestry of intricate design and you fit in perfectly with all that is.

Be light about it if you can. Give yourself and others grace. Find compassion for the human condition that all are experiencing. It is after all a very short time in the timeless sea of the cosmos and the great Kali Ygas of the ages.

We wish to give you hope and comfort for we do understand that you feel burdened by the conditions of life. You have great expectations and dreams and we applaud all that you do. However, we wish to point out that it is in the small things that greatness is hidden.

Do the small things with meaning. Breathe with intension for breathing is the infusion of Holy Spirit into the life you are living. Mindfulness will serve to give you peace.

Blessing of Hope

I AM Hope, the Archeia of Archangel Gabriel.

We bring you a blessing of the hope of the Ages. We remind you that you are the “living portal that brings Heaven to Earth.”

The hope of all the beings of light that inhabit the galaxies is with you in the ascension process of Earth/Gaia. Hope is not unfounded, and your prayers are heard and answered.

You are loved and held. You are safe in the arms of the eternal LOVE and are very precious. Treat yourself with honor and with charity. You are magnificent and will know this in your heart and soul before the end.

May peace light upon you now in a shower of flower petals for the new day dawning.

We breathe new breath into you to have fulfillment in your day and in your life.

And so it is.

The Angels


Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope

Archangel Gabriel with his divine compliment Archeia Hope, representatives of the fourth ray, embody divine purity on all levels. Together, they guide the initiate on the path of enlightenment to strengthen their alignment with Spirit through the reinforcement of the power of love within the heart. As a result constant communication with the higher realms is created for the benefit of one’s individual ascensions process as well as the global ascension of humanity as a whole. The heat and intensity of the love that is forming and growing in your heart will be the driving force that keeps you going when everything around starts to fall away. It is what gives you the strength to release all unwanted influences and give birth to your divine existence here on earth. Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope remind you that you are the living portal that brings Heaven to Earth if you so choose. This makes you an active instrument of illumination for all. (From VoiceAmerica)


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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