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Angels of Health and Strength

The light of the Higher Self flows in as angelic frequencies when they are called upon for help. This energy download is available to all who will quiet the mind and listen deeply. What a blessing it is to know that guidance is at hand.

We of the angelic bands do watch and wait. We do honor your free will choices and the life experience that you have come to Earth to create. And yes, there are times we intercede as guardian angels on your behalf.

Humanity is in the throes of transition to new ways of living in coming years. Little did you realize several years ago, how much things would change in this short time. And many things continue to uplevel as old ways of doing and being are falling away.

You feel at times that the ground is shifting under you as in an earthquake. There are rumbles and strange weather patterns. The world seems an unsafe place as things you counted on are slipping away or being pulled out from under you.

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Advice from Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness would have you know that you are more resilient than you know. There is help available both in this dimension and many others. There are beings that you have no knowledge of yet who are aiding your Earth.

The time has come for coming together. The time has come for the things of the heart to expand and thrive in the world of form. Allow your heart to expand even when it feels like it is breaking.

You are a part a new expansion of consciousness and awakening, your body is making the changes to level up. There are changes to your DNA happening and cellular cleansing.

Do what you can to support the physical form. Eat high energy foods, drink lots of water, exercise, listen to music and do all manner of things that bring you and others joy.

If you can, go out in nature and spend time with people you love. This is the best medicine.


Rainbows of Light

There are many angels and powerful light energies that are available to you:

  • Blue light energies of power and protection arrive in bands with Archangel Michael.
  • Purple energies of forgiveness, mercy, and freedom that are Archangel Zadkiel’s angels come as well.
  • Green emanations of healing, heart coherence and abundance are among the energies available to you are being magnified by Archangel Raphael.
  • And rainbow rays are wanting to reach you and coming toward you.

See yourself bathed in these light rays. Imagine them dancing around you, falling upon you and sparkling with life, healing, and joyful.

Feel this life giving energy bringing sustenance to feed the cells of your body with infusing you with healing, hope and happiness.

We bless you this day with the strength and fortitude to be able to face all that is yours to do today. The world needs your light. There is no one like you.

You are unique and the “one of a kind” that is needed to hold the light on earth right where you stand.

Maintain your body temple the best you can. We will assist to hold you up and make things easier as we are mitigating the changes that would rock civilization to its core.

Stand for the truth as you know it. Act with love and kindness at every turn. And have compassion for all especially for yourself.

We love you and bless you. We hold you and keep you. Know that you are deeply loved and cherished by many beings of light.

Be held in the arms of angels.

We draw closer to you than ever.

And so it is.

The Angels



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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