gates of heaven

Angels of Comfort

The opening of the gates of heaven is a depiction of the availability of the frequencies and energy of higher states of Consciousness.

There is much excitement about portals opening in the cosmic fabric. (i.e., Double Digit Numerology Portals throughout the year)

However, those Angelic beings who live in what you call the “higher realms” are with you and always available. Yet you often distance yourself from us for the sake of experimentation.

Perhaps, you think it more admirable to do it yourself?

You came to this earth existence to make it more heavenly; in that sense you are bringing the higher frequencies that you hold in other dimensions into the physical world.

You can bring in Angels and more. Why you do this is a long story that has been written by many. (You can do the research if you want to know more.)

What concerns you now is that you are here, in the present NOW. You are called to anchor higher frequencies and aspects of who you are. These energies are making their way into the densities of earth in waves for the NEW Earth and NEW YOU.

You have questions about how to cope with the conflict within (called ascension symptoms.) You feel burdened by angst or depression that you might feel.

Feelings of upset are evident as these various waves of energy collide within you and try to come into a harmony.

How to Find Harmony

Humans are very resilient. Resilience and the ability to adapt is how humanity has managed to evolve on Earth so far.

Never fear, you will find a way through the maze of uncertainty and of overwhelm of change. You are made for this evolution. Friction and a certain amount of stress are part of the alchemy.

We have often talked about the best tools: stilling the mind, meditation, and breathing through your central channel. It does take practice and attention to your energy field. Bring your body to merge with you in a higher consciousness—an awakened state.

We draw your attention to moving your body in yoga, walking, singing, and dancing. These are time honored ways to move your energy and to allow integration. Make sure you take advantage of all the tools that you have.

Drink pure water and foods that support your body. Use Himalayan salt baths to detox. These are all things that we have brought to you before.

Keep up the good work of all you do to keep balanced.

You Are Rising in Ascension

Do not be discouraged. You ARE raising your energy and making great progress. Sometimes you need to have more fun and take a break. Sometimes you take the work of life too seriously.

You may find that “waiting for the pot to boil” so to speak only impedes the harmony that you seek. Resonance, peace, and harmony is the bottom line after all. Ground into the Earth energy for support.

Trust that you are doing your part. Trust that heaven is doing its part also. Everything is going along as it should. Trust.

Relax into the knowledge that there is a cosmic order and cycles that bring you support at each turn. There is an inbreath and outbreath of the natural world that supports you also.

We come to confirm and to bring you witness that you are rising, and that you are coming into alignment. You do not need to worry. Just exercise faith that all is well.

Predicting the Future

As far as predicting the future, certainly you have tendencies and probabilities because of the choices that have already been made.

But you know that can expect miracles too. You live in magical times and your attention to the beauty and synchronicity around you will manifest more of the same.

So we bring again a message of great change. Perhaps you are tired of all the change. Change is both asked for and feared.

You want things to move your life into comfort when that is not why you are here. Choose to make needed changes before change feels like a beat down.

You are here to have a journey in consciousness. You are here to have as much experience as is humanly possible in a wide buffet of diversity.

This life is called “Earth School” by many because you are doing so much to further the expansion process for your soul. YOU who read this are here to do this consciously while many are not. Why not try to enjoy it?

You are facilitating the turning of cycles from the deepest dive into density to rise to greater heights again. Your soul sees it more like a game.

Meditation of Comfort

Take a deep breath and go within. Let’s go into a resonance reset.

This reset level in your inner eye looks like a deep dive into the ocean.

You drop down to the depths and you push of the bottom of the pool. You head for the light.

Now shift your meditation to floating in the stillness of deep calm.

Envision yourself swimming strongly then relaxing, floating. You might hear whale sounds or the splashing joy of the dolphins.

Feel calm now even knowing that change is in your now and your future. It will get easier but not yet.

Keep doing your practices that help you. Float yourself to the surface.

Do whatever you need to keep your head above water and trust. Trust your own intuition and guidance. Float.

No judgement but only compassion for yourself and others in this ocean of change.

You are held and you are loved. Everything is working in your favor according to what is the highest and best for all. Feel the surety of this.

We give you assurance and stabilize your energy field. We smooth the dissonance within you with spaces of calm reflection and babbling brooks of promise.

Be sealed in light and love! Your greatness is known and seen. You have already won. Stay the course.

And so it is.

The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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