Angels Lift Me Up

Angels Lift Me Up

A Channeled Dictation by Lindsay Godfree as the Angel Oracle

The emotional body will be cleared by the light. All the friction and unrest that you are feeling has only to be released. Let it run through you. Let it run its course and release.

This emotional residue of the astral and the mass consciousness wants to hang on and stick to you—like a fog over the light that you are.

It is not a part of you—nor should it concern you over much. The fog will be burned away in the light of the Holy Spirit.

Joy is the real state of mind. The real-estate of being that is like the sun burning through the fog of darkness in the morning and revealing the new day.

You act rightly to call to your angels for a helping hand, for we are here. We hear you. We are ever part of the Oneness you are. Never to be separated. Never to be lost. Never to be abandoned and never ever to be unloved. For we love you fiercely and mightily as we have told you.

You do well to remember and to know this. And we will tell you daily and hourly if needs be.

You have committed to the path put before you to come up higher. You are held by your commitment to the light before the world was. It is embedded in your soul. It is now driving you forward.

You will have peace and power if you see only this—your yellow brick road of the path. It leads to the “emerald city” of shining light, love and joy. See it before you in your minds eye. If your vision has clouds in the way, do your practice of meditation, grounding, breathing. Breathe through the central core of your being the love of life that is all around you. Breathe it deeply and let the frustration, fear, and dis-ease release from you.

As soon as you recognize the emotions that do not serve—release them like helium balloons. You can color them. You can pop them with a loud bang and laugh at the sound of the gloom that is no more. The weight of the dark energy particles is now cleansed from your energy field.

Feel only light and love! Be only light and love! Love is the only reality.

We hold you in an embrace of that love eternally. We love you with a mighty fervor. We have spoken! And so it is–

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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