Angels among Us

Angels among Us

earth angelDo you believe in Angels? Many people find it easier to talk to Angels than any other heavenly beings. While I am not one who claims to talk to Angels I do believe they are ever waiting to be called on to help humanity.

One day while meditating on the reason I found myself stuck doing what I considered to be a menial job driving a shuttle at the hospital. The inspiration came to me that I could call in the Angels and offer prayers to help the lovely people in pain that I was meeting daily.

Of course my ego threw up resistance to doing as I was inspired to do. I thought, “I am not practiced at giving prayers, how effective could they would be? Who am I to think that I can make a difference?”

I felt really helpless but decided that since I was driving around and around a hospital all day long, I was in a unique position to be able to offer prayers and invoke Angels for the people there. I determined that I had to try, after all who was I to deny heaven and not answer the call to action?

It wasn’t long before there was indeed evidence of Angels, only not in the way I expected.

The patients that I transported were usually seriously ill with cancer or some unknown undiagnosed disease; and yet they were always kind, smiling, appreciative and grateful for the help that I gave them. Of course, I was doing my “gratitude list” every morning where I often listed being grateful for the kindness of strangers. I was so grateful for their appreciation for the offerings of my heart while I drove and prayed.

My passengers showered me with compliments. One frail little lady whom I helped down the steps kissed me lovingly on the cheek. In her eyes was pure innocence, a truly angelic look shining in through her eyes.

When we think of angels we think of beautiful beings with wings. But this is not always the case; there are angels who walk among us that are real people with mortal bodies. These wonderful people seem to be sent from above and are just what we need at the moment we need them.

Another beautiful example of love named Mary rode my shuttle several times always calling me by name. One day she arrived for her chemotherapy in a wheel chair, needing the handicap lift and to be strapped in. She spoke of her gratitude for life and how heaven was just not ready for her yet. When I unloaded the chair and she was being wheeled her away, she insisted that she had to shake my hand. I was so very touched by her loving kindness. I just had to give her a hug and wish her blessings as well.

I suddenly had the realization that although I believed that I was calling forth the angels to bless the patients, I was the one being blessed. There were many days I was sure I saw an angel among them. Maybe they are the Angels…

Do you recognize the Angels that heaven sends into your life?

I know people who have Angels what appear and talk to them. Do you?

Please share your story in the comments section.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and speaker who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness. She shares the magic of stepping away from fear and worry into a life filled with clarity and joy. Read her story here.