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Angelic Message of Love for a Season of Love

Angel-Oracle Message 02-13-21~~You ask for love. This is an opportune time for a message of love for a season of love. When is there ever a message from your guides and the Angels that is not filled with love?  Never…

For love is all there is. EVERYTHING is created from the love of God.

That said, we use the words that God is Love in the most expansive way you can imagine—for there is no limitation to this energy that is closest to the Unified Field of the All-That-Is. You can call this energy whatever brings to you your heartfelt love.

The entirety of this concept is not available to the finite mind and cannot be understood from the dimensions of consciousness available from lower dimensions. Were you to feel the power of the fullness of LOVE it would be more than your physical vehicle could survive.

For more understanding you must come up higher to the faster and more “subtle” energies to even begin to get an understanding. It requires multiple energy centers to connect and a multidimensional perspective. So be content to be in the not knowing, the void of being, or wherever your understanding is at present.

More Love Attracts More Love

Focus on the heart felt experience of love within you and expand that—and expand it again. You would be best served to practice every day. Look for the things that you love; people, animals, nature, music and you will find more love.

Love is not just for lovers. Love is the glue that holds all of creation together. Love is your relationship to everything.

You can celebrate love whenever you notice just a small spark that you can fan into a flame.

Let us be crystal clear. There is no absence of love. There is only the illusion of lack that you have cloaked yourself in for the experiment of separateness you came to earth to experience. If you are not feeling it, go into gratitude and appreciation.

Get comfortable with the giving and receiving of these energy frequencies. They will bring you everything that resonates with them. This is the Law of Attraction that everyone wants to use. It is simple.

The light of love will illuminate the darkness. The more light given—the more darkness is perceived in the corners. This is the polarity of the Yin and Yang that exists in the material world. This is natural and normal, so if there is more density being shown it means can only mean that there is more illumination.

You do not need a treatise on this subject. You only need to feel love for what you have in each moment of being in order to have more. Be on the lookout for it.

Today is the perfect time.

Where you are standing is the perfect place.

It is always a matter of choice to feel into the love or to deny it.

What do you choose in your time/space reality?

Choose LOVE.

Choose to be LOVE in all you do.

We expand the love within your heart x100 fold. The opportunity is given to you to hold it, feel it, and share it.

And so it is,

The Angelic Host


  1. Tamera on February 14, 2021 at 9:42 pm

    You are amazing. I love you

    • Lindsay on February 15, 2021 at 4:31 pm

      Thanks so much Tamera! The light you see in me is the reflection of the light in you.


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