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Angel Message of Grace

Be true to your authentic creativity.

Your creativity is your expression of the life force that is breathed through you. When you smother the creative forces that wish to run through your form and life, it disrupts everything.

It is so important to follow your intuition, imagination, and dreams.

Much of what ails the world today is the resistance to change. Many changes are appearing causing growing pains of societies and humanity.

It is the evolutionary process and the birthing of the new you, that is like the dividing of the cells to form an embryo that is a dramatic reproduction of the patterns of life. There is stress.

So it is with the psychology of the brain and the physiology of the body; the tensions of the growth and changes that are happening are erupting in unexpected ways.

It is unexpected but is perfectly logical when looking for understanding of what ails your physical body, your soul, and the human collective. For all is connected and nothing is separate.

Times of Anxiety

The anxiety that is now being felt deeply is separation anxiety. This is the beginning of the recognition of the Oneness and the illusion of separation from the All-That-Is, the God Source.

Whatever you are experiencing is only to awaken you to the truth of Oneness.

This is a very difficult concept to accept because the mind is so busy making sense of everything by sorting, judging, classifying, and naming everything. You delight in dividing and subdividing and all classifying games of the mind.

Yet these things are causing the very separation that is the frustration, anxiety, and lack of love—also known as fear, that is erupting in many forms.

It will be found that illness is a result of this stress of being separate from the love that you are.

Duality Merging

So much is known and explained by certain laws of the third dimensional world that is now shifting and merging with the manifestations of the fourth and fifth dimensions. (Reference: A Universe of 10 Dimensions)

These dimensions are ruled by other realities. How does the mind make sense of that when all the rules are being changed?

Even though the format of existence is changing you will adjust. It is amazing and you will find what is wonderful in the new way of doing things.

Many of the boundaries of time and space are being crossed. What this really means is still unfolding, clouded by old belief systems.

With the more that is discovered, with all the new technology that is exploding on Earth at exponential rates—the stranger life will appear to those transitioning through this ascension experience. Many will make it through this transition by being unconscious or semi-conscious as though in a daze.

Those of you who are consciously making the transition to higher dimensions are carefully holding onto your sanity. It is important that you allow yourself grace at this time.

We would speak to you of grace.

  • Grace is the space that allows for the intervention of higher forces. By this we mean unseen or beyond your current ability to perceive.
  • Grace is allowing there to be miracles.
  • Grace is a blessing from the unknown benefactors of your existence.

Allow grace for yourself and for all. Pray for grace and you will have it.

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Angel of Grace

I AM the personification known as the Angel of Grace.

I bless you with peace and calm in the face of challenge. I am the stepping stone to the next safe place to land. I am holding you up as you trod the path of your life experience.

I will hold you up and transport you to your destiny. This destiny is one of abundance, joy, and happiness that seems illusory but is only lightly hidden from you.

Trust in the grace that is bestowed upon you this day. Rest in this grace. Bath in it—swim in it until you are saturated with it. Ride on this wave of grace.

My grace is given unto you and my peace I leave with you.

And so it is.

The Angel of Grace


Note: This information from Dr. Standley on the name of this angel. “Ananchel means “Grace of God”, and she brings with her an open heart. It is an open heart that allows Love to pour in abundantly. It is thought that Ananchel assisted the Archangel Gabriel when Mary was visited at the Immaculate Conception. Mary was in a state of Grace.”

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  1. Lorrie on March 27, 2023 at 5:24 pm

    Lots of information in this message. I’m so grateful for grace!


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