recieve heart transmission

Angel Heart Transmission

The heart’s transmission is the love of God Source that flows through you and into the world constantly. Learn to trust the heart’s guidance to pull you forward.

The old way of pushing yourself with will power, like a tyrannical dictator, will not work anymore.

This is what is happening worldwide today. Leadership has become a dictatorship of nonsensical mandates, unreasonable pressures for personal gain, and unhealthy practices. These things lack the integrity to be sustainable.

You, as an individual microcosm of the whole Unified Field of humanity, are a laboratory of change and transformation. Choose carefully moving forward. Lead with the heart.

What does the heart say right now? What does love suggest to you? What do your guides and Angels say is your next step? These are all important questions.

Center yourself, breathe deeply, quiet the mind and listen to the answers. Here is what is most important–tuning into the answers that come from higher frequencies.

Listen to Your Heart

The heart says that it wants connection—the unification in love with all that surrounds it. The heart wants coherence within.

Coherence means a resonance, a melody with harmony, a tune with cadences of peace and communion with the sacred. This is what the heart would say if you would hear it.

Heart resonates with the angelic songs of creation. It speaks of the colors of the rainbow, the sounds of waves upon the beach, it echoes through the canyons at sunset. You can feel your heart swell when hearing the laugh of a small child.

Find compatibility with these things. Replay these feelings and memorize the tune until this is all you can see and hear.

Unconscious Programing

You are still unconscious in many ways, and yet you are snapping out of it. You don’t want to acknowledge the programing that you have been born into. Hearing this is very uncomfortable and feels overwhelming.

Seeing new perspectives is part of becoming conscious. This awakens new ideas so that you recognize what is most true for you. Your “True Self” is emerging.

True and soulful, the “New You” is more interested in the song of the heart. The heart beats to a different drum that is both primal and ethereal. You are a grand mixture of all that is alive in the Unified Field of Consciousness that you are part of.

The awakening to greater consciousness is a process that is ongoing. This mass awakening that is upon the planetary body transmutes everything into a faster frequency. This change that effects every part of you is a stretch for the human psyche.

Old patterns of being must necessarily change.

Angelic Support

The angelic support for this change is our assurance that you will be able to make the changes necessary. You ask how long will it take? This depends on how pliable you are and how resilient you can be. Most humans prefer stability and a comfortable routine.

Make daily changes in small ways or the inevitable larger shift will be more upsetting and more dramatic.

Change will happen because there is a cosmic timing that includes all of creation. There are things you cannot control. Suffering happens when there is resistance to the evolutionary changes that the earth herself is making. You are an important part of this ecosystem but not the “be all end all” that you might imagine.

As you commune with the angelic energies you will become even more subtle in your energies and release your rigidity of being. We will carry you higher—taking your energy a step higher each time you interact with us. This is what we can offer you.

Bathe in the loving, comforting energy of the divine. You will find it so much easier.

Feel Your Heart Energy

Everything is energy. Feel the energy of love now. Be blessed by the heart flame that bursts forth as you focus on all the things that you love about the world around you. It is this love, gratitude, and appreciation that will anchor you in the higher perspective.

Feed your body and soul with the most positive energy that you can find. Make it your daily intention to feel into a new way of being with your heart in the lead. The limited understanding of your mind will only hold you back.

Surrender to your own heart.

In your heart you will find the flame of your own essence, and unity with the purity of the angelic. We love you. We hold you. We will never leave you.

You are safe in the arms of the living Father/Mother God Source that loves you so much,

We ARE the Angels and Archangels, emissaries of that love/light for the earth.

And so it is,

The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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