Love Energy lindsaygodfree

Allow Love to Infuse your Body

Angel-Oracle Message on 5-18-19

The Angels are ever present and hold you continually.  You are not and never have been, alone. It is an exercise in consciousness only—that you feel apart from the light that you are.

The choice of perceptions, of distance and separation, are yours. But do not think that this is a bad or wrong choice. It is an experience that the creative God part of you has chosen. It is not a fall from grace or punishment as you have been led to believe. This is but a flexing of the muscles of mastery.

Be joyous at the brilliant way you experience the energy that embodies the YOU of physicality! You are like no other. You are irreplaceable and are the Divine spark that you were meant to be from the beginning and forever! This is not changeable—not at risk!

The false teachings that have put you down and professed judgement, shame, and failure are what is falling away. This shift is in answer to your continued holding of the light/love for the earth and all thereon. Release all judgement about what IS!

All is in order. Know this IN your body as well. You have available all the answers you need and could want. Let the discovery of each next step feel good and be enough.

Hold the innocence of the child within in comforting compassion as we hold you. No fear, no loss, no death—nothing like that is REAL.

Hold to the knowing of the spark of light within—then the rope—then the vortex and the flood of energy—that pillar that IS YOU. That might energy source that always was and always will be YOU!

You cannot fail—there is no concept of failure in the Allness of God Source, the Infinite ONE.

You do not need to play small but only to rise up to claim the fullness of your birthright. Claim it for the earth. Accept the glory and majesty for your God within—for your forefathers and for your children who are trailing light after you in this time/space.  For it is but one breath in the body of the ONE.

One glory—one grace—one love—and ONE Consciousness.

Be held in that love. Allow in the love to infuse your cells. Feel that grace permeate each particle and fill the spaces in between—for THIS is what is REAL! Nothing else!!

Choose wholeness—because you are whole. No more victim, wounded warrior or savior on the cross. Step down. Let the Christ rise in the ascension vehicle and rejoice as the Angels rejoice in you and all that you are.

Rejoice in the Resurrection!

Praise the Lord of Victory in the assent.

Put on the wings of freedom, and fly!

We declare it!


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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