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Abundant Riches of the Heart – Meditation

The abundance of joy is all around you. The illusion of separation is strong but not as strong as the flame that burns in the heart. You have the power to generate miracles. Create one now.

~~03-30-21 Angel-Oracle Message – asks us to unleash the power of the heart.

The heart is a flower that opens with attention to it. Focus your mind, your breath, your hands upon your heart and feel into that sacred chamber to fill yourself up.

That is all it takes. It does not rely on riches, possessions, or even the love of others but lives within you to “keep the home fires burning,” as one might say.

Joy and love are the abundance that you seek and these vibrations already dwell within you. You are the LOVE incarnate and to look for love anywhere else is folly.

The Heart Flame

Focus on the flame in the sacred chamber of the heart whenever you feel deflated or lost. Make that connection again and again.

Morning, noon and night give your heart chakra energy center a spin—like the prayer wheels* you have seen in the Tibetan shrines of loving kindness.

Treat heart energy as a crystal bowl that you strike to make a resonant sacred sound tones within. Metaphorically turn the mallet around the rim of that crystal bowl to vibrate the molecules that make up your physical form.

Use any imagery or ritual that resonates with you to connect yourself to Source energy every day.

You pray for grace and mercy without awaking to knowing that you are the generator of it. Stand in your power—the power of love, forgiveness and compassion. You give this gift to yourself.

You are not a beggar at heaven’s door but the door keeper who needs to open up. Open up and receive.

The Heart Energy Generator

You are the cosmic generator. You are the ONE. Accept the legacy of your own heart.

This is not to say in any way that we, of the angelic hosts, will not answer your call and be there for any wish of your heart. This message is to empower you, to lift yourself up and move yourself forward.

YOU are the one in physical form.

YOU are the finger of God to give life to the world in which you live.

Do you get the picture?

YOU are the moving force of the stars—the spheres of light that you see.

YOU are the crystal rainbow rays of the chakra divine.

Imagine the life that you want and then step into it. There is no judgement or limitation set upon you but only those patterns you have given to yourself to rise above.

Yet, we do hear the call of that very heart energy that we are pointing to, and we will not leave you comfortless today or any day.

Let your heart swell with the joy you seek and smile with the knowing that you are receiving your wishes come true.

Building a Temple for Love – Meditation

(It would be beneficial to sit in the simple half lotus pose shown here for this visualization and meditation)

See a shimmering temple of light as it builds its splendor around you—pillar by pillar, arch by arch, and tower by tower. All this is created by the crystal fire that burns on the altar of your heart. Feel the energy vibrate around you and through you like electric current.

Now sit in this holy temple until you are ready to step forward with this light body structure surrounding you into a new life—as a new version of you. Sit within it as it clears away all that is not the temple you wish to inhabit.

Relax and rest within this purification energy. It is a resurrection energy that is present as a luminous multidimensional vortex of shimmering opalescent colors. Feel it move over your skin as a force field.

Live within this meditation and when you move let it be as a walking meditation. See yourself going through your day with this crystal structure around you like sacred geometrical patterns.

See it shimmer and shine. Feel the power of this light body of sacred energy born of Spirit.

This is the abundance that you yearn for. This is the structure of life that is meaningful—the temple built by the heart. You carry it and you share it with the world and worlds without end.

This is your true abundance and riches.

And so it is,


Your Angels of Love and Light

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*The Tibetan prayer wheel is a special cylinder with a purpose and intent of helping to relieve suffering in the world. Peace, kindness and merit radiate through the mantras and blessings that are housed inside of the prayer wheel via the intention of the practitioner.

Tibetan prayer wheels can be made of metal, wood, leather, stone or coarse fabric. Traditionally, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is written upon the exterior of the canister in Sanskrit.

The meaning of this mantra is as follows:

Om: I invoke the Universal sound
Mani:  The jewel, the goal of Enlightenment, love and compassion
Padme: Lotus wisdom
Hum: And a pure, indivisible unity of wisdom with practice


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