A Message to Those Having a Spiritual Awakening in Consciousness

A Message to Those Having a Spiritual Awakening in Consciousness

I AM Gabriel Archangel, here to announce on Christmas Day, the Christ Consciousness to the ascending earth body.

It is a holy season of divine awakening that is felt by many who have asked for the Christ to come again.

The new level of consciousness comes upon you and you are changed. There is no going back—although if feels for awhile that you are straddling two different worlds. You will get your balance and hop the other foot across the threshold.

Meanwhile, know that you are not and have never been, alone. Do not be deceived by the programming that is designed to make you believe you are powerless.

You are an enormous being of light. You cannot deny awakening to your connection to source. Do not ignore, or try to brush aside, your knowing. It is important to acknowledge your unplugging from the mass consciousness.

This is one more turning point in the ascension process of this planet and you wanted to be part of it. You wanted to awaken at this point in the third dimensional timeline. It makes a difference. You make a difference!

There continues to be a shifting and sifting of energy patterns and frequency to find where you are most resonant. You will find your seat in the choir of evolving humanity. You will ask for direction and listen to the energy signatures of the answers to know where you fit in.

You are not like anyone else. Your individual authentic self is your most prized possession. Speak your truth! Shine your light! You are needed.

Have courage as you walk among those who still sleep. They each have their own schedule to keep. Everyone awakens a little differently. Do not concern yourself with others.

Acknowledge the divinity within, Be true to the knowledge of your soul.

The love that is the resonant frequency of this day, the celebrating of the Christ light, lifts humanity to the next step.

Congratulations for each victory!

Heaven applauds you!

We cheer you on at every turn.

And so it is

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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