bloom of Joy

A Blessing for the Lightworkers

Angel-Oracle Message 3-23-2020 ~~

The Angels want you to know how deeply loved you are by Source, your Creator. The Universe supports you at every turn on this, your great awakening journey.

All are blessed, and those in this group represent a team of great lightworkers on this planet. You help to bring her home.

By home we mean the 5th dimensional matrix that was designed to be your platform of expansion. There was a “fall” of humanity into the 3rd dimension. It is only considered a fall because the souls who were embodying on Gaia/Earth became trapped in the density of the matrix. Therefore, so did the earth herself, for all of life is connected.

This old story is more than what we want to expound upon here, but let’s just say that you can now rise to the 5th dimensional grid again with Gaia as she ascends. This ascension of earth is indeed a BIG accomplishment and a time of celebration for all the cosmos.

For this shift to happen, many systems and old energy patterns must be broken down. In past civilizations this was accomplished with disasters of many kinds and with great forces of destruction. The shadows and layers of fear from those past times are coming up to be healed.

Now because of your work of love and light, the massive changes in consciousness can happen. They can happen now without the devastation that was eminent before the future was changed by the shift in consciousness in 2012.

While the changes you are now facing during this pandemic are immense and seem daunting—there is already light that can be seen through all of it. Through times of change mankind has the opportunity to create anew.

New Creation

You have been told that you can create whatever you desire—and this is true. But you must also be in alignment energetically with your desires. Do your best to bring yourself into the feeling place of the happiness that you want. Imagine what you are creating with love in your heart.

The opportunity is great. You have already created a new future individually and as a group—as a culture and a country. This is the birth of a new world of love, hope, faith, kindness and compassion.

Your efforts to help others make you shinning stars. Oh beloveds, keep up the good work! Do not be discouraged or stopped in your efforts by the upset of the news, rumors and fears, or even the actions of others. Create your own world within and without.  You are way-showers. You are examples of what can be accomplished when one is dedicated in service.

Sealing You In Love

We commend you and wish to give you a special blessing of divine protection now. We seal you in the light of love. We rain down golden sparking light upon you to wash away your troubles, your fears and worries.

Know that you are held in great esteem by all non-physical beings for being in embodiment in this time. It will not be long before a new world consciousness blooms into being. Many are being changed forever by the realization of what is truly important in life. It comes into focus through the traumas of illness and the possibility of death.

The seeds were planted long ago for this eventuality. Now that conditions are ripe, there is fast growth and the promise of the blooming of more love and unity. Know that the day of the flowering of joy is on the horizon.

Be blessed with the peace that passes understanding. Allow yourself to by buoyed up with the knowledge that all changes that are occurring now are bringing in a better world for all.

Be joyous in your service. Take care of one another and receive the blessings that are yours.

It is again with great love that we seal you now.

And so it is.

The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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