5 Self-Love Practices — How to Shift Your Love-Life

5 Self-Love Practices — How to Shift Your Love-Life

Your love-life is a reflection of the love you hold within.

This concept, of finding the love within you is not to give you one more way to beat yourself up or to put yourself down, but rather to explain that all relationship is a matter of resonance.

It is a matter of being in-tune with the energy of love. You can tune into, dial into, the love everywhere.

It’s about the rule that love breeds more love…what you reap you sow. It is the Law of Attraction…that like attracts like…as above so below. Have I beat that drum enough yet? Do you get the picture?

The key to more love is…MORE LOVE. And you can’t control others but only do your inner work. The work is to cultivate love to grow into full bloom in YOUR life.


Here are the 5 keys to getting more love in your love-life:

  1. Make an Internal Commitment to Love Yourself More Today

“Recognize the importance of self-love and then make an internal commitment and intention to love yourself more, to love yourself fully, and to love yourself exactly as you are.” ~ Melanie Beckler

In this moment commit and affirm: “I love myself. I now treat myself with self-love and care.” Make it a daily practice. Read it aloud, write it down, and remember your commitment to love yourself.

The idea is to fill yourself up with so much love that it overflows in many ways that help others. Regardless of how you feel about yourself now… I promise that returning to a state of self-love is possible for you!

2. Quiet the Inner Critic of the Mind

The second thing to do to cultivate love is to become aware of your thoughts and begin to quiet and dismiss your inner voice of judgment. To quiet that voice of your inner critic.

We all have an inner critic at some level that is often very, very loud. Loud and insistent is the ego mind. The voice of spirit is a still small voice that sounds like your intuition.

The voice that tells you-you’re not good enough, the voice that says you’re not worthy, that is the one that is trying to protect you by keeping you from your love. You know the voice that I’m talking about here…

That inner voice of self-judgment, that says whatever it is saying to you that feels bad—it’s just not true. Even though you may hear it as if it is your own voice, or it may sound like the voice of a parent, or some other authority figure who made you feel like you’re not worthy—don’t believe it!

Let go of that old habit of judging. Let it go! The Angels told me to, “put it in my pocket.” And another time they said to, “brush it off.” Anyway, don’t make it another reason to block the love that is your birthright. Just notice it and set it aside as irrelevant, NA—does not apply. Got it?

Make the choice to ignore those critical and unloving thoughts. Let them go and replace them with an empowering thought with a self-loving thought such as…

“I love you”.

“I am worthy of love”

“I love and approve of myself.”


3. Lean into The Present and Be Here Now

The third way to instantly and powerfully shift into a state of self-love is to lean in to present moment, to become fully present in the moment that is NOW. Know that regardless of whatever is happening in your life, nothing has to change for you to fully love yourself.

Just do it. Decide! Breathe it in and breathe the love out.

Be in the present moment and embrace it. Feeling the sensations of your body: of the air around you, the feel of your hands on the steering wheel, the feel of the warm sun or cold snow on your face as you walk.

See what’s really happening around you, observe and take it all in with all levels of your sensory perceptions. Listen and hear the sounds. This is where spirit meets earth and sparks creation—where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

It’s simply a matter of tuning into love and letting love flow through you in this moment. Let love circulate through your being with every breath. Focus on your heart and you will find it there.

Remember that it’s love that opens you for the light to fill you—even when it feels like your heart is breaking wide open. Become present with it. It is a good thing.

When you consciously choose to embody a state of love, in the present moment or any moment, any activity, whatever you’re doing, it is an opportunity to expand your consciousness. This also raises your vibration to love yourself more and to shine the truth of your authentic love light.


4. Let Go of Those Things Draining Your “Feel-goods”

The fourth way to love yourself more is to become aware of acting out of alignment with love. What habits do you have that aren’t loving and aren’t supporting your well-being?

What do you keep doing that’s not assisting you in shining more of your divine truth and authentic light? Abraham-Hicks calls this just letting go of that “THING” that you do…that thing that you do that keeps you from feeling the love and happiness.

When you become aware of the little things that you do that are bringing you down—then choose to let them go and replace those things with what is rewarding and joyful for you. This will make a powerfully shift in your life.

Substitute the things that recharge your batteries and help you to shine your authenticity. Prioritize fun, play, laughter, peace, balance, and harmony in your life.

That means that instead of watching the news and browsing Facebook in the morning, choose to meditate. Instead of grabbing a sugary treat choose celery or nuts.

Or instead of downing your worries in any addictive behavior take a walk, sign up for an exercise class, or take a salt bath, drink a big mug of herbal tea…You get the picture.

When you love yourself first, you align with the strength, light, of Divine Will. You come into alignment with your purpose and you make a difference in the world.

5. Take Action to Create a Loving World

That leads into the fifth thing you need to know about self-love and your love life. Getting busy creating by taking action steps in the direction of what’s meaningful for you. Those things that take you in the direction of your purpose.

Purpose is defined by the Angels as letting in and holding more light in your cells. This also means a higher frequency, a faster spin, and more positive energy.

By doing that project that felt feels meaningful for you whatever that is, be it:  working on a scrapbook, cleaning, creating a quilt for a grandchild, learning something new, writing your book, creating a website, or whatever you do to put your love “out there.”

Wherever you offer services from the heart, there is where you find self-love and a life of purpose.

What exemplifies self-love is what you love and enjoy that’s also in the highest interest of all. If you’re in doubt of what to do, just get into action. Spirit will do the rest.

Then you’re able to serve more, to love more, because you’re filling yourself up with love and passing it on… You’re in the flow of love.


Returning to Love

The good news is that you don’t have to create love—Love is all there is. We are made of it—that God stuff that holds the Universe together. So, even though it seems that love is illusive, it is an illusion.

You can in an instant, make the commitment and choose to shift into love for yourself.

Let more love come to you, for you ARE worthy. In fact, just being you makes you the receptacle of the love of heaven and earth. It is a lot to take in when we are our own worst critic, I know.

But choose to shift into taking action, be your biggest supporter and encourager, fill yourself up with light and love. Take care of you so that you can not only shine your truth and inner light but you’re able to shine so bright that you overflow love out beyond you to make a difference in the world.

Making a difference in the world, being of service to others in a way you love and enjoy that is also in the highest interest of all is the true power of self-love. And yes, this is truly possible for you now.

Choose to shift your love-life.

Choose to cultivate love within you as self-appreciation and compassion.

Cultivate your inner love-light and let your light shine.

Live Life in full BLOOM!

Live Life Consciously!

(Inspired by Ask-Angels https://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/self-love/)


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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