2020 Vision in Hindsight

What to say about the year 2020… December’s Newsletter is a way to package it, tie it up and top it with a beautiful bow.

I want to list some of what I have learned and make a summary of my year. I’m featuring some of the year’s best Angel Messages and the star on top is a new audio version of the Archangels Blessing–Sealing the Earth in Light. (If you didn’t get the newsletter go to Free Gifts and select one.)


The World Came Together in Unity

It was so incredibly amazing the way the world came together in unity this year. It wasn’t through another World War as happened in a lesser consciousness. Thankfully we were a united front confronting our fears of death, loss, disease and pain…. Very harrowing work.


The most obvious thing we learned worldwide is that we have come to appreciation and support each other. In our isolation we have come to cherish our communities, our relationships, and especially our loved ones.


Many people have stepped up to become engaged in new ways of expressing their creativity and providing service to others.


Change Through Kindness and Love

Acts of kindness and love have made serious inroads in supporting the shift into higher consciousness. We have done much in evolving the greater good and move toward the brighter future that humanity craves.


Everyone seemed to reach out to lend a hand in any way they could in both giving and receiving. For some it was the acts of receiving that was the most challenging and yet so essential in completing the circuits of the flow of love.


The worldwide meditations have been extremely powerful and transformative for us. We have committed our energies as spiritual beings for the highest good of all. We have successfully invoked whatever higher powers we know to assist us.


All Life Is Important

We certainly learned that all life is important. We have looked at the very difficult subjects of discrimination, sexual abuse and our abuse of the ecosystem. We are re-evaluating what’s important to us in all of our systems: medical, educational, political, and financial.


We have voted for changes for what is more just, equitable, kind and more loving.


We have taken action to find groups of likeminded individuals who support those things that mean the most to us. We have expanded our social groups even more by going global with virtual meetings and growing communities that include people from all over the world.


We have called out the multi-headed hydra of hatred wherever it exists, be it racial, sexual, and differences of beliefs—even to the extremes of mask wearing vs. non-mask wearing differences.


The extremes have been right in our faces and so polarizing, showing up in the caricatures  in American politics. We are so sick of opposing ideologies that we have become more motivated than ever to find solutions to our societal ills.


Many people have felt called into action to stand up for their beliefs.


The Darkness Within

It has been quite a process to integrate and transmute the subconscious wounds. The challenge and opportunity is to personally send love into all of the dark places that humanity is finally seeing. First we have to face the darkness within ourselves to make any difference in the collective consciousness.


The higher consciousness we seek is being pressed down upon us. We may have felt extremely uncomfortable in the friction of  misbehaviors that we can no longer tolerate.


I have to admit that I have had to look at many perceived faults, failings, judgements and grief within my own persona or protective personality. I have healed irritations, judgements, stubbornness, and softened any need for arguing.


Because of the emotional dips and valleys that I experience during the news events and even more on so on social media when our division hit close to home, I have learned how to monitor my energy, feel my extreme feelings and gradually learned to process and move that energy through.


New Ways of Showing Up in Our Lives

Meditation is relatively new in my life but it is the one practice that I have to do in one form or another every day.


I love the Ho’oponopono prayer that is a surrender to love and forgiveness. This is so needed and sometimes the only way I could find enough peace to fall asleep.


I am so grateful for the “Healing Meditations” and “Body Awake Yoga” of Dr. Sue Morter that kept me together when I felt that I was losing it.


And of course I have to give voice to the importance of connecting to our own inner guidance always.


My greatest supporters are those Angels and Archangels that have visited me with so much love and many blessings of light that allow me to be able to share with you in my Angel-Oracle Messages.


Gratitude and Grace

I am so grateful that the corona virus that provided us all space to discover ourselves and to slow down enough in our lives to take stock of our goals and values. This has been the catalyst for so much personal and planetary growth!


All things considered, our transformation process could have been so much worse and the rebirth of our lives to a new paradigm might have taken so much longer.


I believe that we have had Divine intervention from interdimensional forces that have saved us from going down with the polluted earth into darkness. Angels and other guides tell us that we have collectively achieved a great victory for all the souls of light in the Multiverse.


I’ve learned how important the little energy exchanges between people are when going about our daily activities. I have deep appreciation for every one of the workers who greeted us with smiles in their eyes, wishes for a good day, and a “thank you” expressed. Those interchanges were priceless.


In Summary

So here we are at the culmination of the year as linear time goes. We have much to do to right everything that we have unearthed. By most accounts it will be 2025 before this reorganization happens fully.


We as light bearers and light bringers still have big opportunity to transmute, transfigure and transcend for a while longer.


In Matt Kahn December’s energy update he talks about where we are now:


“In what can feel like a multi-layered grand finale to the year 2020, the month of December offers a dichotomy of experiences, particularly during the timespan between 12/12 to 12/21. The Universe often refers to this time each year as the 12-12 gateway during which time, high vibrational photon energy enters the atmosphere from the central sun to further activate dormant DNA strands. This activation process is the transition from the density of physical matter toward the new horizon of human being as light body consciousness.”

Matt Kahn

I am so ready for the new “light body consciousness.”

As we go through this portal in our inner and outer worlds I want to remind us of all of what we have gained from is year of 2020.

And to remember and give tribute to the many people and things that have dropped away or moved on during this year. There is much that we still grieve that we will miss moving forward and we love and bless their memory.

It is a sacred time as we ready ourselves for the renewal, remembering and reconstruction of our lives to level up and Live Life Consciously in a new up leveled way.


I Love You! Happy Holidays!

Peace and Blessings Always,



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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