10-10 Portal: 2020 Age of Aquarius Celebration

10-10 Portal: 2020 Age of Aquarius Celebration

Angel-Oracle Message 10-10-19

Before the dawning of 10-10-2020 There will be momentous happenings for the Earth.

The wheels of time move and the cogs of life on planet earth roll on, but many things come to an end.

The life that once was is no more. This is good. Endings always mean new beginnings.

It is new beginnings once again. There are seasons and cycles which turn for you, for earth, and for all mankind.

Your path is laid out before you. Do not feel paralyzed by the uncertainty you feel. Move forward consciously, deliberately, and with joy my child.

JOY IS PRESENT—allow yourself to feel it.

It is an immense and grand time! A turning point in the ages of man. And you are here to witness it. Here you are in the experiencing of it—of the shift in consciousness.

I see myself appearing waste deep in the flow of a river of flowing water—with fisherman’s wading boots on— The Angels say,  “You are trying not to get wet.  But soon you are destined to be up to your neck in it, this new level of energy.” (Laughter) “Can you not see the humor in this picture?” (more chuckling) “Funny You! Trying not to get immersed in it….”

The Angels sing, the bells ring–the veil grows thin. We come ever closer and more people will feel our presence and know the glory of God Presence.

Do not fear to shine dear one. It is a new age—a different time and what a time it is!

Celebration is in order.

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your friends and your family. Celebrate the natural world of animals, and plants. Get yourself a puppy. Glory in the flowers and trees. They all celebrate you and your coming of age.

Yes, 10-10 portal is of great significance this year and every year; and it’s no coincidence that it is the day of you own entrance onto this planet in birth.

Let the love shine in!

It IS the Age of Aquarius that you sang about growing up.

(I was then compelled to stand with arms in the air waving them back and forth. Do that now.)

Wave in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the Sun of Libra balance. 2020 is on the doorstep.

Life is about to get ever more interesting as masses awaken from their sleepiness. What will you say to them?

Hello sleepyheads, there you are right on time. We go forth to help the world ascend into the Light of a new dawn. Isn’t it wonderful?

Be the receptionist, the door greeter, with love in your eyes and in your smile. The density keeps lifting and you will keep letting it dissolve in the light that is pouring in.

Pouring in—in waves of Light Codes and frequency of things you have forgotten.

Find much that is new. New is good!

It is a new dawn; it is a new day. Awake and greet it.

And so it is–

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